The Dedication Page

You have spent a year writing the book. You have paid for a professional edit and proof reading. The book has been formatted and is ready to go to print. The publisher asks are you going to add a dedication page.

You have been pondering this question for over a month. If you dedicate the book to one person, a friend maybe? Will other friends be offended? Will you spouse wonder about the depth of your relationship with that person? You could take the safe way out and not have a dedication page or dedicate the book to all humanity.

For myself it comes down to yes, I want a dedication page and I will dedicate the book to someone or event that inspired this story. I have spent a year writing the story and if I did my job well there will be no secrets. I will have put enough of myself into the writing people already know who or what inspired me.

To any writers who read this I welcome your thoughts.