No Remorse

She finished her second cup of coffee and walked towards the television to turn it off on her way out the door to go to work, when the news reporter announced another murder victim was found. She stopped and turned up the volume. This was the third girl in three months. Someone was hunting in her territory. She has been so careful with her hunting, sure to never have more than two a year in the county. The rest of her victims were taken while on vacation far away from home...

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On the Road with Anne

I was sitting with Anne, my dog and traveling companion. We were enjoying the late afternoon sky change into twilight; I was watching an elderly gentleman across the way with a cane, hobbling, and struggling to prepare a fire. He appeared to be old I would guess early 80’s, or older. As I studied his labored movements, I thought about myself just turning 68. I could not help but to think, that is my future, sooner than I am willing to admit...

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on the road with anne and the bat

Anne is an 18-pound black Tibetan Terrier. She is my constant companion and traveling partner. Anne and I seem to be connected in an intuitive way I have never experienced with any of my other dogs. Anne and I have had some strange occurrences in our travels and the road. Anne And The Bat is one of them.

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This is a book of short stories of everyday human emotional experiences. Stories of profound loss. Stories of great friendships. Stories of growing old with a dog, of going to war, and of course, stories of deep romantic love. I hope the stories encourage the reader to do some introspection on what it means to be human. I believe the poems, like all art, will mean more to some than to others.

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