Gary Smith Is The Author Of The Day: By Lucia Matuonto

Two years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing author and photographer Gary Smith on The Relatable Voice podcast. During our conversation, Gary delved into one of his successful books “Vengeance Can Be Deadly,” a part of the Warren Steelgrave series.

The Table Read: Author Interview – Gary E. Smith – Betrayal

I interviewed Gary E. Smith about his life and career, what inspired the latest story in his Warren Steelgrave series, Betrayal, and his creative writing process. Travel Adventures After Retirement

Ten years ago, as I was getting close to retirement age, I was trying to decide what to do if I sold my business and retired . . . Gary Smith on the 5 Things You Need To Be A Successful Author or Writer

Do not think too far ahead in a story you are writing. Instead, focus on the scene and the characters. If the characters are real and have a personality, they will come to life, take over, and direct the story.


By Gary Smith

On July 31, 2016, it was the predawn morning of the San Francisco Marathon; it was my son's first marathon and time to head to the city. There was a coolness in the air . . .

The Table Read with JJ Barnes

On The Table Read, poet The Willing By Gary Smith talks to JJ Barnes about what inspires his writing, and his new poetry book, A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems. Gary Smith

An interview with the author, Gary Smith. A Vacation to Florence

Five years ago, I became interested in the Renaissance, and I decided I wanted to vacation in Florence, Italy...... Gary Smith is the Author of the Week

On today’s roadtrip, the RV is picking up Gary Smith in Italy. Gary is an entrepreneur, photographer,  the author of the Warren Steelgrave series and the award-winning book “A collection of short stories and Poems.”