Writer’s Ritual

I always get an idea of something to write about when I am driving or on a long run. Then when I get to where I’m going, I have forgotten, or it doesn’t seem that important any more. So, I thought I would reach out to writers in cyber-space if any run across this blog and ask them to respond.

When you are inspired do you stop whatever you are doing and take notes or make an outline with bullet points. Do you carry a recorder or use the one on your phone? Maybe your writing is inspired by a ritual. A glass of wine at the same time at the same desk with Jazz playing softly.

Do you write every day; at the same time? We all have heard of Truman Capote’s drug and alcohol use. I watch an interview of him by Dick Cavett. In that interview or rather a discussion with other guests the subject of addiction came up. Capote admitted his but added he never abused alcohol or drugs while writing.

I get in the habit of writing late at night when the family is asleep. Then it changes to early in the morning before the family awakens for a few months. My favorite is to write outside on a warm day. Sitting at a table in the shade with a view and a cigar. Can hardly wait for spring.

If anyone sees this please respond.