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Thank you for visiting my new website and blog. My name is Gary Smith. I was born and still live in Hayward, California. I’m a retired Elelectrical Contractor and now a photographer and writer. I have family in the United States and Italy. Stay tuned for insight into my life, my thoughts and my work. Feedback and comments are both welcome and appreciated. Here we go!

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    1. Ciao Shannon thank you for your comment. The answer to your question is I am writing a sequel to the willing. It will be out in the summer.
      Warren Steelgrave and Cindy are in trouble again.

  1. Loved “The Willing” and am anxious to read the sequel. Warren has a clarity of purpose and a foundation of commitment that is hard to find these days. Also enjoyed “No Remorse” and the clever twists in the plot that make me want more.

    1. Ciao Ken: The sequel, I hope will be finished my summer. Having trouble finding time to write for the story. I had a request from a movie agent wanting too see four chapters of “No Remorse”.
      I have converted the short story into book form and added a chapter and sent it to him. If he likes it he will want the whole book by summer which will delay the sequel. “The Willing”
      was released last week as an e-book and in three days was in the 19% of all romance/suspense books. It is also in production as an Audio Book.

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