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To Hunt Men

Author Gary Smith once again serves up a generous portion of suspense. With descriptive scenarios and commentary on the psyche of both terrorist killers and those honorable few who are “willing” to step forward when action is called for.

In this latest novel by author Gary Smith, Warren has been pulled away from the quiet, contemplative evenings on the veranda and writing. He is compelled to investigate a suspicious young art dealer on behalf of Catherine Ricci who is Warren’s friend and ex-lover.

Follow Steelgrave carefully as he uses courage and skill to uncover a murderous scheme of international proportion. Led by men willing to sacrifice their own lives to resurrect a once “noble” cause long festering in their hearts. He must maneuver through a world of corrupt art sales, drugs, and Chinese gangs. Warren uses his trusted resources of old friends, the FBI, and the local Carabinieri to deduce and anticipate what these “perceived” patriots are about to unleash.

- Ken Meirovitz

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A Collection of Stort Stories & Poems

This is a book of short stories of everyday human emotional experiences. Stories of profound loss. Stories of great friendships. Stories of growing old with a dog, of going to war, and of course, stories of deep romantic love. I hope the stories encourage the reader to do some introspection on what it means to be human. I believe the poems, like all art, will mean more to some than to others.

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Vengeance Can Be Deadly

In book five of the Warren Steelgrave series, Warren has settled into a comfortable life in a small village in Northern Italy. Suddenly all that changes. Having just left a dear friend, she is murdered, and he has become the prime suspect.

Warren Steelgrave cared deeply for her and swears to avenge her death and clear his name. Warren untangles a web of deceit, at first benign, then grown malignant by greed and evil. Professional criminals have become involved with international spies and mafia accomplices. Steelgrave’s sworn vengeance and “willingness” to find justice has put him and his loved ones in grave danger.

Travel down the dark alleyways of intrigue through Italy and the United States. Warren is warned: vengeance can be deadly. Will, there be justice and light at the end of this literary journey, or will the last chapter be Warren’s obituary?

Ken Meirovitz

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My Life My Choice

In My Life My Choice by Gary Smith, a computer expert and nephew of a Mafia boss developed an advanced protocol to hack any computer system before he disappeared.

The Moretti crime family believes the FBI knows his whereabouts and summon old adversary and novelist Warren Steelgrave to a meeting. Warren finds himself entangled in the mystery to discover the whereabouts of Mauro Moretti and find the missing protocol believed to put the national security of the country at risk.

Also hunting for the protocol is a group of sadistic terrorists, called Allah's Army, who hired Mauro. Warren becomes a mere pawn in a dangerous game between the Mafia, FBI and Allah's Army. As Warren discovers the terrorist plan will end the lives of many, including his former love, he is willing to sacrifice everything to prevent them from carrying out their mission.

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Undomesticated: She Had No Remorse

A small Nebraska town is terrorized by a serial killer who targets young “good” girls. The prime suspect disappears and may have himself become someone else’s victim.

The local Nebraska town newspaper hires Warren Steelgrave a best-selling novelist as an investigative reporter because of his unique insights and his uncanny instinct for finding the truth. More papers will be sold, and more eyes will be focused on the town’s plight.

In this third novel in the Steelgrave series, author and photographer Gary Smith takes us along another thought-provoking journey with surprising twists and suspense filled alleyways. Warren Steelgrave explores the psyche of an “undomesticated” killer. Unlike other serial who acts without remorse, an undomesticated killer believes killing is a natural state of being to nurture the soul; The same way as killing plants and animals’ nurtures and sustains life.  Warren soon realizes that he shares many traits with the killer. It is a fine line that makes his own “willingness” to do what is necessary be socially acceptable.

Warren’s romantic kindred spirit, Cindy O’Brien, has been living her life separate; writing songs and performing them across the country. She suddenly joins Warren in Nebraska to escape a deadly stalker. The readers of Smith’s first two books know that Warren will never leave that “stone unturned”.

The varied character plots intertwine as the story unfolds. The reader is challenged to confront their own human nature and how they might react given a challenge outside their moral comfort zone. This latest adventure has an ending that won’t be decided by a jury.

- Ken Meirovitz

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A Life Separate: Together

Gary Smith, Photographer, and author of The Willing, uses his unique perspective and well-honed instincts to take us on a journey replete with vivid descriptions of the beauty and culture of Northern Italy.

“Real life” fictional character Warren Steelgrave has settled into his author’s persona amongst new-found relatives and friends in a small village in Northern Italy. After three years, his possible soulmate and object of romantic memories, Cindy O’Brian comes back into his life. New adventures unfold involving the son of an old friend and the intrigue of the FBI, a crime family, and a long-lost secret for Nicola Tesla’s “death ray”

Warren is again “willing” to put his life on the line, but can Cindy accept the realization that the man she loves will always “live a life separate” even if they are together? While they are back in the United States, with trouble in tow, his eldest daughter adds insight when she tells Cindy “welcome to Warren’s world.”

Perhaps the safest place to enjoy the unfolding of events is from a safe distance as the reader of Mr. Smith’s newest novel.

- Ken Meirovitz

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The Willing

At the age of Sixty-Five, a retired Warren Steelgrave is getting bored with life. He decides that unlike his friends of his age he is not going to sit around playing golf, waiting to die. He is going to Italy to start the last chapter of his life and find adventure. Be careful what you wish for, adventure is what he finds. He falls in love with Cindy O'Brian a singer songwriter in his Italian language class in Florence Italy. Little did they realize the chain of events that would engulf them. Someone was watching, but who and why? He discovers she might not be who she appears to be, but, still decides to help her flee Italy, and the chase begins. Before it's over there will be two dead bodies, a secret government file, a jealous husband, fake identities, a safe house, personal betrayal as the FBI is searching for them and others want to kill them both.

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